“On the eve of her eighth birthday, a young frog dreams of her future in Shelley Daniels Lekven’s new book, Lily Pond. Ms. Lekven’s remarkable illustrations – all sculpted by her hand in colored clay – are eye-opening works of wonder and imagination that should make this sweet tale a children’s book classic.”
– HENRY SELICK, Director,The Nightmare Before Christmas, Coraline
“Years ago, Shelley Daniels Lekven introduced me to the fantastic world of Lily Pond, her picture book featuring amazing and whimsical hand sculpted clay scenes, telling the charming story of a little girl frog’s dreams for the future. This is a book you can gaze at repeatedly and always find something new and wonderful. Shelley Daniels Lekven’s immense sculptural and storytelling talent comes through on every delightful page. The world of Lily Pond is immersive and joyous. This is a book for everyone.”
– KELLY ASBURY, Director, Shrek 2, Gnomeo & Juliet, Smurfs – The Lost Village
“…I lingered over each page just absorbing the details, the beauty, and the talent displayed. I couldn’t stop smiling as I turned the pages. Each page was magical! I cannot possibly imagine any child not loving this charming book. However the child may have difficulty getting it out of Mommy’s or Daddy’s hands. I wholeheartedly recommend this book to every parent.”
“This was a delightful children’s book. The colors, clay artwork pictures and story line were spot on for a top seller! It is noticeable just how much work and time has been put into this book, which makes it all that much more special to have. Children will fall deep into places and dreams that will spark the imagination. I have to say I absolutely loved it!”
“This is the most darling fanciful book for children I’ve seen in a long while. It’s unique and charming. Perfect for empowering women/girls who can do anything they set their minds to do in life.”
– D.M.
“Absolutely beautiful book! Each page has a glossy texture and the colors are so vivid! I adore it! My thought is to give it away as a gift to a child; but the child in me wants to keep it so bad!!!”
“This innovative and charming picture book is truly a work of art. The story is told with wit and charm that can be appreciated by any age reader. I loved looking at all the details in the various pages, and every time I look at it again, I see new things. Bravo!”
“The playful world of Lily Pond bursts with childhood joy and imagination, and celebrates a child’s unwritten tomorrows, full of endless possibilities. Shelley is such a gifted sculptor that I knew a book illustrated entirely by her magical all-clay scenes would be something very special. Lily Pond is the kind of book that should be out there in the hands of children.”
– GREG DYKSTRA, Sculptor, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Finding Nemo, Brave and Up
“This lovely book for children, and the child in all of us, provides a totally new and wonderful way of imagining life’s possibilities. The messages of empowerment and inclusion flow cheerfully throughout both the story and its delightful illustrations.”
– THE REVEREND FRANK PLACONE-WILLEY, Minister, Summit Unitarian Universalist Fellowship
“I am so impressed by the detail, craftsmanship and thought in this work. A true delight. Genius.”
– JENNY SAAR, Artist/Illustrator
“My mom sat looking at the castle for an hour.”
– RAYNA M., age 10
“This book makes me feel… happy!”
– DENISE T., age 50
“I have read Lily Pond as a read-aloud in my elementary school classrooms. I have never seen students so excited or engaged by a book. They are enamored with the artwork and love the story. Thank you, Shelley, for persevering in getting this published.”
“The first time I read Lily Pond I cried. I love adorable stories with such an uplifting message and this story brought me right back to my childhood. Shelley Daniels Lekven is a genius in her craft, her clay sculptures are breathtaking. Absolutely phenomenal.”
“…a great bedtime story for anyone’s little frog who dreams of great things.”
“This book is DELIGHTFUL. I love the whimsical clay illustrations. Each page chock full of details to keep a curious mind entertained without flash and noise. This one will be read repeatedly until it’s in tatters! I got one for my niece and one for my great nephew. Then I got one for myself.”
“I absolutely fell in love with Lily Pond! The best part of this book is its heart…I felt like I was a child again with Lily, dreaming of what I might become when I grow up, even though I’m 58yo! This tender story –the illustrations and the verse– is bound to be a classic…phenomenal!”
“A wonderful book! The images are so full of detail and humor, each page is a treasure. And the message couldn’t be better – this little frog can be anything she imagines! I have read it to numerous children and they all respond with excitement and want to read it again and again. Spectacular!”